2 January 2014: Sometimes only music can soothe my soul; well, that and snuggling with Dachshunds

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Started this playlist for Prince soon after his “gastric signet ring carcinoma” (stomach cancer in layman’s terms) which has spread to his lymph nodes.

Tonight, after a rough day with the kids here, between Prince and Blaze, I spent the night listening to the playlist, thus far.  I alternated between sobbing and deep napping. I’d wake up, feel a shift had occured, and start the cycle again.

When you think about it, we have a love affair with our kids.  So when they pass, it’s not just as if a close friend or family member has passed; in many cases, it’s as if a lover has left us.

In Prince’s case, he is my second soul/heart dog.  In fact, when Tuna died 19 April 2013, I was comforted by the fact that Prince would be with me for years to come as Tuna was my original soul/heart dog.  I’ve barely allowed myself to grieve Tuna’s passing as it’s just been too painful.

Interestingly, as the Universe works, since I reconnected with my spiritual beliefs on 21 November 2013, I’m more grounded in my foundation than I’ve ever been. Hence, another gift of Prince’s passing is that I am also grieving Tuna and Tiffany’s passing in 2013, rather than continue to keep it bottled up, which some think is a contributing factor to cancer.

I’ll likely keep expanding this playlist …. feel free to share and post any of your favorite songs to grief by.

(11 December 2013)

  • “Gravity” ~ Sara Bareilles
  • “Do What You Have To Do” ~ Sarah McLachlan
  • “Verdi Cries” ~ 10,000 Maniacs
  • “I Will Remember You” ~ Sarah McLachlan
  • “Hold On” ~ Sarah McLachlan
  • “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” ~ Sarah McLachlan
  • “I Love You” ~ Sarah McLachlan
  • “Only Time” ~ Enya
  • “Prayer of St. Francis” ~ Sarah McLachlan
  • “Sweet Surrender” ~ Sarah McLachlan
  • “Here Without You” ~ 3 Doors Down
  • “But I Do Love You” ~ LeAnn Rimes
  • “City of Angels” ~ 10,000 Maniacs
  • “Alice (Stealing Beauty)” ~ Dead Can Dance
  • “Just You and Me” ~ Chicago
  • “All That She Wants” ~ Ace of Base
  • “Without You” ~ Dixie Chicks
  • “Cowboy Take Me Away” ~ Dixie Chicks
  • “American Pie” ~ Don McLean
  • “This is My World” ~ Darius Rucker
  • “You Were Mine” ~ Dixie Chicks
  • “In This Life” ~ Delta Goodrem
  • “Landslide” ~ Dixie Chicks
  • “Comfort” ~ Deb Talan
  • “The Sign” ~ Ace of Base
  • “Linger” ~ Cranberries
  • “Don’t Turn Around” ~ Ace of Base
  • “Can’t Fight the Moonlight” ~ Leann Rimes
  • “Over You” ~ Bryan Ferry & Roxie Music
  • “Give Me Just a Little More Time” ~ Chairman of the Board
  • “Stay” ~ Alison Krauss
  • “Persephone” ~ Cocteau Twins
  • “Dance Away” ~ Bryan Ferry & Roxie Music
  • “Wishing You Were Here” ~ Chicago
  • “Waiting at the Gate” ~ Carly Simon
  • “Horse With No Name” ~ America
  • “Memory” ~ Andrew Lloyd Webber
  • “Strange Magic” ~ Electric Light Orchestra
  • “End of the Road” ~ Boyz II Men
  • “More Than This” ~ Bryan Ferry & Roxie Music
  • “Natural High” (extended version) ~ Bloodstone

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