Enjoy the Simple Pleasures in Life

ENJOY THE SIMPLE PLEASURES IN LIFE …. I had a day in which I was mostly as happy as I was here, when I was four or so, playing with a lizard. Even than I was interating with animals …

I spent hours today in my small yard, cleaning up a few plants which had spread, put a few in small pots to share wtih neighbors, gave some to my immediate next door neighbor … pullled TONS of weeds (I will no longer use toxic herbicides). To me, there is something so rewarding about communing with nature. LOL, finally I just had to go take a shower as I had dirt pretty much anywhere I could get it, caked on myself event.

Interspersed with this, I took care of my Canadian Geese friends, Mallards, and turtles who came for their daily cracked corn; of course, including Bubala and now Penelope.

I ended the day by taking all four dogs to the beach at sunset. It was Camo’s first trip. LOL, I hear a yapping on the beach at one point and YEP, I was correct … Dachshunds. Two young girls, so darling.

Wishing each of us … the ability to allow ourselves to enjoy the simple pleasures in life; that’s where the real joy is to me ~Laurel


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