Showing some LOVE for our friend, Andy Bass

11355_10151377732711877_1105033866_nFor those who know the warm-hearted, smart, and just plain amazing Andy Bass …. you’ll know he’s had a tough few years.  Which sucks because he’s just the greatest person.

People have been so loving and generous to him especially when he lost his beloved Bobbie to breast cancer; yet he could still use a hand-up to get back on his feet.

Here’s a bit about Andy, followed by what we’re offering.

A Bit About Andy

When I first met him in 2007 when he agreed to volunteer with the disaster response team I was creating as part of the program Healing HEART Sanctuary was creating for PetSmart Charities, he was managing a warehouse.  His company was generous in the time they gave him as he had been with them for so long, and contributed so much.543689_3373480627079_441364941_n

Then, wham … with no notice, he lost his job. So much for loyalty.  From then, with the economy, he’s not had the opportunity to get his footing.

Here’s What I’m Offering on His Behalf

Andy has ALWAYS been so generous to others with his time, his money, his ear, and his friendship.  The best way I can help him is to offer my services, and have the funds paid directly to him.  You can check out what I do through the links below.

What I offer may not appeal to everyone. However, you may know others who are interested; please consider SHARING this post so that we can show Andy how much we all love and appreciate him.

My goal is to raise $5,000 for Andy.  How soon he receives this is up to you’all.

Book a personal coaching or training, or business consulting session(s) with me, and:

  • The first $1,000 will be paid directly to Andy
  • 50% of all sessions and/or trainings up to another $1,000 for Andy; the remaining 50% will be used for my own living expenses
  • 25% of all sessions and/or trainings up to another $2,000 for Andy; the remainder to me

This will give Andy $4,000. Plus, I have one more thing I’ll be offering to bring another $1,000 to Andy for a total of $5,000.

If you’d like to participate, all you need to do is send the money directly to Andy (up to the first $1,000); then send me a message here and be sure to let me know that you’ve gifted Andy.  We’ll post when we’ve hit that first number.

If you’re interested in either of the trainings I offer, I am happy to speak to you about those, and see when we can schedule something, especially the online course.

Be sure to share this offer to your friends, and friends of Andy Bass.

Want to join the fun by offering what you do for Andy?  Let one of us know; I’ll be happy to help you create something to share around, as needed.

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