25 Things About Me

I often think of fun things I’d like to add here except it’s never when I’m around my computer. Oops:

  1. When I was 14 years old and a Catholic school girl, my goal in life was to grow up and become a hermit. Or, a truck driver.  YEP … that speaks to my way of being quite well.
  2. I like carrying a small purse as otherwise, I end up collecting who knows what in a larger purse. Anyone else like this? Oh, and it often has a Dachshund on it, so it’s a great discussion-breaker.
  3. Did you know that white vinegar or pee helps stop the sting of jellyfish? Anyone need me to elaborate on how I know this?
  4. Speaking of my childhood with a lot of time spent at Rio Del Mar, my friends and I used to get so tan on our backs as we spent a lot of time in the water and laying face down on the beach. When we’d walk down the beach, people often would comment … about as much as they did when they saw the front of us which was awfully white.
  5. I don’t understand why people don’t type email addresses and domains with capital letters as it generally “reads better” … such as MontereyMarketing.com, L2Consulting.biz, L2Consulting.info, DachshundMafia.org, HumaneConnect.org, ThrivingPURE.com, etc.  Doesn’t that read better?
  6. I love afternoon naps, even when they’re prompted by a healthy need. I don’t manage to get them often yet it’s so sweet to snuggle up with my pack or whoever of the pack wants to nap with me.
  7. From the time I was ten or so on, I hated getting my picture taken. There’s a whole slew of family photos with me glaring at the camera. That trait didn’t help when I started modeling at the end of high school and through college. Needless to say, I didn’t do much photographic modeling.
  8. I LOVE being inside all wrapped up in a blanket watching the Pacific Ocean when it’s wild and stormy; I particularly love it in the winter months.
  9. For decades my favorite nail polish color was Revlon’s “Fire and Ice” as it was the perfect color to go with both red and pinks.  They stopped making it a few years back. BOOOO. Except now I have come to love my sparkly ocean turquoise color I use on my toes.