Making Money

As a society, at least in the United States, we mostly feel uncomfortable talking about money.

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll ….. I’ve decided I no longer want to support that. There’s an amazing book, “Where We Stand: Class Matters” which I read in one of my graduate classes. The author, bell hooks, seeks to raise awareness that where disparity exists is economical. I completely get her point, and join it.

I grew up in a traditional 60s/70s “upper middle class” home with many education privileges that neither of my parents had, both growing up “poor” homes in the 20s/30s.  I have 18 years of Catholic education.  I spent most of the 80s at one of the top ten ad agencies in the world, working on two of the top five brands in the world. Then, when I was 29, life and health issues changed what seemed to be the obvious course of my life.

Nowadays, my financial focus in my life is to become economically-independent of anyone and anything else including my husband, family, SS Disability, anything that which fills my soul.

I’ve spent my entire life helping other people build businesses for themselves, refer business to people, etc. never being compensated for this, short of any strategic, consulting advice I may have provided.  I’ve spent decades helping others, individuals, companies, non-profits with networking, funding suggestions, etc. During the response to Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, as an individual, I’m probably responsible for raising over half a million dollars worth of support for various organizations and individuals.

FINALLY, a lightbulb went off …. I can help others more if I’m not always struggling for money myself. If I could identify a residual stream(s) of income, then I could support myself comfortably AND continue to help others.

I ONLY recommend a product or service if I’m comfortable with the product or service as well as the people behind what’s been offering. As much as I can, I do due diligence about the company and/or people, and I trust my gut.

If you’d like to