Simply, I’m passionate about life … about learning and teaching … about communication and connecting others … about animals … about nature, especially the ocean … about enjoying life.

I’ve been blessed in life with wide-ranging formal education and training as well as both work experience and life experiences I’ve had as I can relate to many situations and people.  Combined with my strategic sense and different way of looking at situations, I enjoy helping others find new ways of connecting with others.  Specifically, my passions include but aren’t limited to:

  • Inspiring others to learn to embrace “conflict” as a teacher and friend, versus as something to be feared
  • Inspiring large organizations including the government to connect with their employees and customers in new ways which will enhance the business environment and experience for all, thus increasing profit/outcomes in an organic way
  • Developing new programs addressing far-reaching issues ranging from:
    • “Conscious Collection” ~ program designed for US-based corporations and organizations to approach collections in empowering way which increases connection, minimizes costs, and enhances the business relationship
    • A training program targeted for higher profile individuals and corporations to enhance how they connect and communicate with others; thus, triggering a “trickle-down” effect throughout the organizations they are involved with as well as those within their social influence
    • which is all about increasing the awareness of Dachshund rescue, in general, inspiring 10,000 new donors to sign up to donate monthly on an automatic recurring basis to some Dachshund rescue group. Plus, the site has fun fun and many unique Dachshund and dog-themed items for sale which primarily benefit rescue groups

~ More to come